Monday, 22 June 2015

Day twenty two - Birds in the garden

Day Twenty Two - A few of the birds that visited our garden this morning 

As it was raining on and off all day we sat in the conservatory  to drink coffee and watch for birds visiting the feeders.  All the photos are taken through the windows so are not perfect but it was certainly a day for young birds.




Starlings - two youngsters being taught how to forage in the grass by an adult
 Young blue tit

 Young robin - we've spotted two now one slightly darker than the other - we just happened to see them at the same time at first we thought it was the one little robin who was changing colour quickly.

Sparrows - always plenty of those


Young blackbird

Adult male blackbird - is he the one who sings to us so sweetly from about 4a.m. every morning?


  1. Oh how lovely! How funny, today as my 30 days wild, I bought a bird feeder and some seeds and I was going to set it up on my newly pruned tree with handy hanging branch but it is pouring with rain so I haven't ventured out there yet!x

  2. Great photos Rosie, some nice visitors you've got there. I've not had any greenfinches or bullfinches yet, i'm slighly envious lol.

  3. I nearly did 'bird watch from indoors' this afternoon too, but in the end I went out with the camera in the garden! A nice variety of birdy visitors to your garden!

  4. So lovely to have such a wide range of birds visit your garden Rosie. I think I would sit and watch them all day! x