Monday, 29 June 2015

Day Twenty Eight - A walk by a river

Day Twenty Eight - Along by the Wensum

Yesterday was day 28 but we decided to join in with the 'no screen day' so I'm just reporting on what we did yesterday.  What a difference a day makes!  Yesterday was windy and rainy in Norfolk.

 Today in contrast has been very hot

We wandered along at the side of the River Wensum
It was lined with misty looking cow parsley
The path was full of little froglets

It took us ages to walk along as we were concerned about stepping on the little frogs.

 The wildflower meadow nearby was full of orchids

More little froglets along the path making their way to the river
 This bush was full of spiders' webs

The meadow was also full of glinting damselflies including these black-winged ones.


  1. Lovely photos :) The black winged damselflies are called banded demoiselles and I think your froglets are toadlets :)

    1. Thanks, Louise I've had limited access to the internet whilst away so couldn't do too much research via google. I think you are right about the toadlets having looked at images now we are home. Also nice to know the name of the black winged damselflies - there were so many of them and lovely to watch in the clouds of white cow parsleu:)

  2. Super post, what a lovely river and great photos too Rosie. I would have stepped slowly given the amount of little toadlets about.