Monday, 8 June 2015

Day Eight - Discovering a tree hide

Day Eight - At Mosley Old Hall near Wolverhampton
After a guided tour of the hall which I will write about on my main blog we set off to follow the trail through the wood.

It was sunny, just a little chilly but we saw many birds amongst the trees

It wasn't hard to find

There were many different ways of climbing up and down the tree

From the bottom

to the halfway point

to the top where you could gaze up into the branches of the tree.


  1. I've got that tree house on my list if I can find time this June - or sometime in future! It wasn't there, last time we visited, when Dave lived in Wolves, but it looks fantastic! I'll look forward to reading more on your main blog :)

  2. Nice post Rosie, cool photos.

  3. I bet if you sat in the tree hide for long enough you would see so many birds and woodland creatures scurrying about! x

  4. Rosie I've just found this blog and caught up with it - I love it! Well done. x