Friday, 19 June 2015

Day Nineteen - Help in the Garden

Day Nineteen - Young Robin returns

 I had help in the garden today

The young robin we spotted last week is now a regular visitor to the bird feeders.  It has learnt to perch and eat from the hanging feeders as well as using the ground feeders.  I wonder where its parents are?  As they can produce two or three broods a year they are probably looking after a second brood and this little one has been taught to fend for itself.

It came quite close as I was clearing a patch of garden under an old buddleia tree and gave me such a look with its beady eye as I chatted to it.  It began to look for worms in the overturned soil.

It is quite a fearless creature but I'm not sure if that is good for it though as the grim reaper aka Sparrowhawk passes by this garden regularly.  Stay safe little robin.


  1. I met a rather fearless robin today too - a bit older than this one though. It's lovely to be able to be so close!

  2. Great shots Rosie. Fingers crossed the Sparrowhawk leaves the little chap alone.

  3. Sweet little Robin. I hope it makes it to adulthood. x