Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Day Twenty Nine - Walk along a beach

Day Twenty Nine - Walk on Hunstanton Beach

This was so different to the beach we walked on day twenty six.

These are the famous red and white cliffs at the end of Hunstanton Beach.
You can walk along this beach to Old Hunstanton and back along the cliff path above the beach, we've done that before and the sunsets on here are spectacular.
 The lower part of the cliffs is made up of red tinted limestone laid down in the Lower Cretaceous period and above the white chalk layer laid down in the Upper Cretaceous period.

There had been a recent rock fall.  There are warnings not to climb on the rocks but people are tempted by the fossils they hope to find.  We saw a couple of people searching amongst the debris.

It was fun walking along the beach, listening to the call of Black Headed Gulls and Fulmars.

 There were also lots of rock pools to explore.


  1. Wow great cliffs, love the two coloured layers too. I wanted to explore a rock pool but I couldn't fit it in time. Maybe next year.

  2. Just found your blog..Now, I am going to begin at the begin..day One..how lovely :)