Thursday, 4 June 2015

Day Four - What plant is this?

Day four - Identifying Wildflowers

I noticed a few days ago that this plant had taken over a patch of the front garden

 Nestling quite comfortably between the wallflowers and the hydrangea

 At first we thought it was a plant called Tormentil but I read further and that plant has a flower with four petals whereas this one had five.  P said he thought it might be Wood Avens and when we turned the page from the notes about Tormentil there it was!

Now this is a wild flower, a woodland plant that has somehow ended up in our garden.  Have the seeds been dropped by passing birds?  Or come into the garden on the fur of an animal?  Or have we brought it in on our wellies or boots after a walk in the woods?  

I wonder?


  1. This wild flower is a perfect nuisance in the garden it seeds everywhere very quickly I can never get rid of it after years of trying. I would pull it out if I were you before it takes over.

  2. I spent quite a while diging it out of the front garden because it was strangling the hydrangea and getting caught up with the geums. There is still loads at the back near the pond to tackle:)

  3. Nice post, I'm trying to get to know my wildflowers and have just bought a book to assist me. What book are you using in your photo Rosie?

    1. It's quite an old book, Ian published in 1982 for St Michael (Marks and Spencer) by Hennerwood Publications and is called 'Field Guide to British Wild Flowers' by Maurice Burton. I find it quite useful:)

    2. Thanks Rosie. I ended up buying a copy of a book called Wild Flowers of Britain by Roger Phillips. It's an old book but has received good reviews. I hope it's as good as yours looks.