Thursday, 11 June 2015

Day Eleven - Favourite Bird?

Day Eleven - A Young Robin

On this morning's news it was announced that the robin had been voted Britain's Favourite Bird and almost on cue we spotted a young robin on the path near the conservatory.  We have robins in the garden and they visit our feeders so it was nice to see that they had raised at least one youngster.  Photo taken through the window but it knew we were there and seemed completely at ease with it.  It was pecking at bits that had fallen from the fat balls on the feeders above him or her.


  1. Lovely capture! I was disappointed though... I don't dislike robins but we have so many better birds... really Britain - the robin?! I voted Hen Harrier as after the Hen Harrier Day a little movement was started to bring the HH more into the public eye to help efforts to save it! At least it got into the top ten!

  2. Nice photo Rosie. We have Robins in our garden too so I'll have to watch out for any young.

  3. Such a sweet photo! I think my favourite bird in Britain (that comes to the garden) is the wren. So tiny and perfect! x