Friday, 26 June 2015

Day Twenty Six -Walk Along a Beach

Day Twenty Six - Walk along a Beach

The beach at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust's Holme Dunes Nature Reserve was so quiet and peaceful to walk along this afternoon.

There are nesting birds in the dunes and lots of wildlowers too

There are also lots of shells on the beach

Down near the shore line there was a cooling breeze.  It was a 'wild' moment I'd been waiting for for ages.


  1. Lovely beach shots Rosie. It' looks like you had that beach all to yourself for walking too, great stuff.

  2. Lovely! I didn't have any time to spare for the beach last weekend (aside from a ten minute stop) so I'm still hankering for a proper trip!

  3. Gorgeous Rosie! I hope you brought some shells home. I may be having some shell themed projects on my blog next month! x