Monday, 15 June 2015

Day Fifteen - A visit to a Nature Reserve

Day Fifteen - An afternoon of walking and spotting wildlife

After spending most of the weekend at home it was time for a day out.  Picnic packed we set out towards Chester and then the Wirrall.  We were headed for the RSPB nature reserve at Burton Mere.

It is a wonderful nature reserve we saw many water birds and waders including and Avocet out on the pools and scrape.  

Then we walked down to the Marsh Covert Hide.
We spotted lots of wildlife along the way.



Brown Rat 

 Reed Warbler


 We thought that these were Marsh Orchids

There were loads of them around the reserve

Water lilies

Bee Orchid

It was a lovely day and a wonderful place to visit.


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  2. What a lovely place Rosie. Great photos, I love the Stoat.

  3. This looks like a fantastic place to visit - I've seen the signs when we've been visiting Dave's mum but never been. What a great variety of wildlife you saw - lovely photos! Seeing the stoat was a treat too!