Saturday, 13 June 2015

Day Thirteen - A Wet Garden

Day Thirteen - Slugs, Snails and Worms

What a difference a day makes

The heavy rain in the night has made the boughs of the Tamarisk tree hang low over the pond we spent yesterday clearing. It has also flooded the path too!

I went out into the drizzle with the intention of lifting up some of the stones and pots to see what I could find underneath.  I was looking for something in particular but that will wait for another day as it was obviously a day for other creatures.

 Slugs on the rhubarb

 Little snails too

 Slugs on the grass

 Snails there too

 Under the pots - worms and slugs

All looking as thought they prefer the wet weather.


  1. Great activity for the weather today! I accidentally squashed a snail in Buxton today and feel really bad!

  2. Great photos Rosie. No rain here today but I like your wet weather activity today.

  3. The weather has been shockingly awful this weekend! I could have cleared the lawn of dozens (maybe hundreds!) of snails and slugs but left them for the birds instead! x