Thursday, 18 June 2015

Day Eighteen - Spotting A Moth

Day Eighteen - Spotting an Angle Shades Moth

I saw this moth on a geum plant which is in a pot just outside our back door.  At first I thought it was a curled up piece of charred paper or a dead leaf but as I lent in towards it I could see it was a moth.  I dashed inside to get my camera and manged to photograph it - photo above.

 Then I searched for it in the book we have on butterflies and moths.  I asked Paul to take some photos of it with his camera as well just in case mine weren't so good.

 We found out which moth it was 

According to the book this moth is widely distributed across the UK and found almost everywhere.  It's natural habitat is in hedgerows, farmland, waste ground and gardens. It does say when at rest the moth resembles a dead, crumpled leaf, so my eyes weren't deceiving me. 

Paul's photos and what a difference with his camera - crisp and clear images.  As I type this the moth is still resting in the geum I expect it will wait until dark to move on elsewhere.


  1. Great photos Rosie and what a good find too.

  2. A wonderful moth photo Rosie! I feel I want to get out into my garden now and search for all the wonderful insects you are discovering. I would have been thrilled to find a moth like that. x

  3. WOW!!!! I want to see a moth now!x