Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Day Sixteen - A Walk in the Park

Day Sixteen - A Walk in the local park

Queen's Park in Longton 

It was such a beautiful morning for a stroll
Down the paths and amongst the trees

The grass was covered in daisies which looked like little snowflakes

 We saw quite a few  birds and lots of grey squirrels

 I love their tails and bright little faces

Crow on a rubbish bin
The stream and lake were looking lovely

More daisies by the lake

Geese and heron on the island in the middle of the lake

and on this special tree a chicken of the woods fungus and just below it....

a young  great spotted woodpecker ready to fledge. We stood for ages watching to see if it would come right out of the hole but he or she was still thinking about it when we left.


  1. How lovely to see the woodpecker! I've visited a few parks in Stoke since I started doing wildplay, but Longton is one I haven't yet been too, it looks nice!

  2. Oh, what a lovely park!! I love the squirrel particularly and your Daisy description. x

  3. Nice photos Rosie, what a lovely park.