Thursday, 9 June 2016

30Days Wild 2016 - Day 9

Growing on our rather unruly front lawn, which seems to be made up of all sorts of plants and moss, are the plants below.

I've identified them today via the Internet as Pilosella aurantiaca or Orange Hawkweed.

Also known as fox and cubs, tawny hawkweed, devil's paintbrush or grim the collier.  It is a perennial plant of the daisy family or Asteracea.  It is native to the alpine regions of central and southern Europe.

It has been appearing on our front lawn for the past three or four years but this year it seems to have taken over quite a large area so I guess it is quite invasive.


  1. Lovely plant that, nice colours too.

  2. I have that all over my front lawn too. Thanks for identifying it Rosie. I never knew what is was before now!x