Thursday, 23 June 2016

30 Days Wild 2016- Day 23

Today we visited the nearby Peak Wildlife Park

We saw lots of lovely animals and birds but the highlight was seeing the Otterbecause last time we were there he didn't come out to say hello.

Apparently he is being watched carefully because his mate has recently died and he could get quite lonely.  They hope to give him time to get over the loss and then introduce a new one but it has to be timed so that they will accept each other.


  1. Wonderful photos of a sad little otter :( I hope that they find him a new mate very soon.

  2. They are such lovely animals. It's a shame about his mate, but I do hope things work out for another one soon.

  3. Such a beautiful creature and lucky to see one for real. Never seen one myself only in pictures or on tv.