Monday, 6 June 2016

30 Days Wild 2016 - Day 6

Today we had a lovely walk around Westport Lake which is administered by the Stafordshire Wildlife Trust.

We had a cup of coffee first in the Visitor Centre cafe before heading off around the lake.

 There were plenty of geese

and the black swan was still there.

 There were lots of parents with their young. 

It was great to see them all. 


  1. A lovely day for it (if a little too warm!). I've struggled today as I was back at school after half term and had to work all day and until a bit later than usual.

    1. We walked in the morning and were home for midday before it started to get too hot. Sounds like you have had a hot and exhausting day:)

  2. Great photos Rosie, looks like a nice place too.