Sunday, 5 June 2016

30 Days Wild 2016 - Day 5

Another day at home sitting or working in the garden

It was lovely just to sit and listen to the birds calling, mostly blackbirds, the cheep of the goldfinches, the coo of the doves and pigeons and in the distance a woodpecker.  Overhead a herring gull soared, its calls reminded me of the sea shore. 

The robin flew in and landed on one of the raised beds. He or she spread their wings and stayed there a while.  I guess it would have been cooling off as it was quite warm in the later afternoon.  After a while it flew off.

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  1. We have nesting Blackbirds nearby and hear the male singing every morning and night. Since putting out Sunflower hearts we are treated to Goldfinches on the feeders daily. We did have a Robin but we've not seen him for a good while.

    Who doesn't love the sounds of birds?