Wednesday, 8 June 2016

30 Days Wild 2016 - Day 8

The day started so well.   

Yesterday we managed to find one of the bug houses that Ragged Robin had mentioned on her blog.

It has been hung on the new fence.  One or two bees have had a look at it.

 But I'm afraid rain stopped play and we had to retreat indoors

The garden is now flooded in places

I'm sure the frogs in the pond will love it.


  1. ooh I'm glad these are for sale again this year. I bought one last year and regretted not buying more! I took a chance on putting mine in what was really the wrong place and haven't had a single 'customer'!

    They're supposed to be south facing and mine wasn't so it is being moved this year. I did put up a second one last week on a west facing wall and that already has guests.

    1. Went to Hanley Morrisons for the insect house but they had sold out. Got one from Morrisons in Newcastle:)

  2. It's just registered that you've said the garden is a little flooded! I can't believe it - there was a bit of rain overnight here but not much and it's been hot and sunny again here all day (after a hazy, misty start) - no rain! Just a few miles away, close to Home, someone was telling me about the torrential rain earlier and almost flash flooding in the garden with rain running off a hill! The difference a couple of miles makes!

    1. It came down so fast about 2p.m., the road outside was like a river. Apparently Longton indoor market was flooded and several roads around the city. It has gone so hot and clammy again now:)

  3. Great purchase Rosie, I got two of these last year but I think I put them in the wrong place as they never attracted any bees, just spiders and other creepy crawlies.

    Your garden looks lovely in the photo of the window and patio, I hope you show your garden off more during the 30 Days Wild Challenge.

    Great frog photo btw.