Wednesday, 15 June 2016

30 Days Wild 2016 - Day15

Spotted in the garden this morning and photos taken in between showers

 The blue geraniums in the flowers beds....

.....were buzzing with bees.

Mr  Blackbird sheltering under the gooseberry bushes taking a minute or two out from busily feeding two hungry offspring.  He is such a busy parent and also sings every morning too.

 Speckled wood butterfly on a rhubarb leaf

 Elderflowers ready to make cordial I'm not sure we have enough flower heads to make many bottles though.

Hypericum or St John's Wort also known as Aaron's Beard or Rose of Sharon.  We do have a Rose of Sharon bush but it doesn't have the berries that this one produces and it is much larger with different leaves.

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  1. I love those blue geraniums - we have a plant near the patio and the flowers are always full of bees :)