Wednesday 1 July 2020

30 Days Wild June 2020 Days Twenty Nine and Thirty

The Last two Days

 Long Tailed Tits visited the garden.

They visit rarely, unlike the blue tits and great tits who come to the feeders several times a day.  The last time was on one of the hot days last week to feed and use the bird bath.

 Rain drenched cobwebs in the heathers

They were shimmering in the sunlight.

Monday 29 June 2020

30 Days Wild Days June 2020 Days Twenty Five to Twenty Eight

Again very hot days followed by rain and storms have restricted what I was able to do.

Here are a few photos taken over those days. 

Empty Dragonfly larva case amongst the pond weed.  Lots of newts, young ones too, but too quick and wriggly to take photos of.  Lots of tiny white moths flying just above the surface of the pond.

 The berries have ripened on the Amelanchier tree and  the blackbirds have been gathering in the tree to eat them.

The wood pigeons have now discovered the berries on the Amelanchier tree.  They are rather too heavy for its delicate branches and lots of flapping and flopping can be heard.  Herring gulls have been coming down into the garden.  We had three one day.  This one sat on the fence for ages before flying away.  It didn't seem to mind the pigeons in the tree.

 A short walk along the High Peak Trail

 Such a long time since we had walked here

 Over three months since we'd gone further afield for a walk.

 A new sign had appeared since we were last there

There were lots of Red Campion flowers around.

Thursday 25 June 2020

30 Days Wild June 2020 - Days Twenty Three and Twenty Four

What a change in weather from day twenty three to day twenty four.

Day twenty three I spotted shield bugs on the Verbascum.

 Yesterday, day twenty four, was very warm.  We spotted this little frog wandering around on the yard quite a distance from the pond.  Worried about it being in the heat and also the visiting cats we picked it up and carried it to the small garden near the pond where it quickly hopped into the vegetation.

I hope it will be okay.

Monday 22 June 2020

30 Days Wild June 2020 Day Twenty Two

We sat watching the garden last night, it was still quite light at nearly 10p.m.  One of the cubs decided to visit.

 It was a bit nervous at first as it came through the hole in the holly hedge and pulled back several times before plucking up the courage to come into the garden.

There are three different cubs and we can tell them apart from their tail markings.  This one has a white tip to the end of its tail.
Weather on day twenty two was warm with occasional short showers and late evening it got quite breezy.
No bats around at 11p.m.

Sunday 21 June 2020

30 Days Wild June 2020 Days Sixteen to Twenty

I've got a bit behind on this challenge mainly because of the rain and not going either into the garden or out for a walk.

I took these photos on Wednesday 17th when it was quite warm outside.
The bees are enjoyng the white clover in the grass as we have left it unmown for ages.
There are lots of daisies and buttercups in the grass too. 

I also spotted this hoverfly on a leaf hanging over the pond.

Two days of rain followed with very bad storms late evening.  We were out with the bat detector and had heard two different sounds on differing frequencies when I noticed the sky a distance away was like a pink sheet with fork lightening in the middle of it.  It then began to rain huge drops and the storm moved in with lound crashes of thunder.   The next day it rained all day.

Yesterday morning dawned fair so we walked across the fields.  We saw Swifts, Skylarks and a House Martin also a Heron flying over as well as the usual Magpies and Crows.


Monday 15 June 2020

Thirty Days Wild June 2020 Day Fifteen

Halfway through already, days are going so quickly.  I wonder if the animals sense this too.
From last night's wildlife camera footage.  Above female fox with one of her cubs out before dark.

After midnight fox and badger on the top lawn.

Weather today sunny and warm.

Sunday 14 June 2020

30 Days Wild Jne 2020 Day Fourteen

After last night's thunder and lightening which was accompanied by a rainbow today has been a little calmer.

It was warm enought to sit outside

and to photograph the Tortoiseshell butterflies on the Valarian.

Weather warm, occasionally dull with just a few short showers.